LEVEL UP with 
Justin & D Verrengia
Mastermind with Justin & D and fellow million dollar earners to level up your business and life!
What You Must Know About Being Online... 
To Win Big
Let my business partners and I break down our proven strategies for online business.  From beginning to end we will help you become more clear, on how to run a profitable business.

Create Your Lifestyle

Enjoy the confidence my partners will help you develop through exercises to clearly define the type of life you know you deserve. You don't have to do it alone. We have an amazing community that can help!

Want more sales?

No more hassling, convincing, or running in circles. Making sales consistently doesn't have to be so hard. Learn the right way.

Ssssh... The Secret To Conversions

Many "gurus" online would rather you not learn the social media strategy to bursting the doors wide open in your business. Well, we are going to teach you the formula.

How-to Expand A Start Up Business

Allow us to show you the reputable business models that are making the biggest wave in the market today!
  • What Dionyos Sylvester Said After Attending An Event:
“I so loved the learn-GO DO NOW philosophy! So many times we have been to events and have taken notes only to have those notes not looked at and applied for weeks after we got home and settled back in. D had us take immediate action on what we learned so that the results can be almost immediate! The videos she had us shoot were practically ready to put in a funnel with just a little editing. Both Justin and D were approachable throughout the event and even the guests that showed up were totally transparent! We even had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the Shopify guru and we came home and got immediate results! Don't miss their events ever if possible!”
  • What Elaine Rosales Said After Attending An Event:
“I learned that you must take action when the opportunity comes or you'll be in the same place next year watching those that were with you rise because they took action.”
The spirited entrepreneur, the passionate individual who is ready to level up. I am not saying the road will be easy but you won't have to go at it alone. Your success  is our success and our goal is to help you reach it.
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