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From the hearts & minds of Justin & D Verrengia, Lifestyle Alchemy Events, are more than a place to meet top contributors to business marketing online. It has also become a haven of tested knowledge. Just proven methods and consistency. Here at Lifestyle Alchemy, we teach business owners how to make more sales online to any product, service or business.
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Written by D Verrengia on Sept. 16th 2017
How'd he go from running several miles to work at McDonalds after-school to one of the most well known entrepreneurs of today. I know from observing him for the past 10+ years, it all starts with one word, starting with the letter D...that so many entrepreneurs ignore...
Written by D Verrengia on Sept. 22nd 2017
What if you could turn on a switch to more leads and more sales? When you begin to study the people who consistently make new sales, to anything they focus on. One has to observe the skills that have gotten them there...
Written by D Verrengia on Sept. 22nd 2017
You have no idea what it is like being at a Lifestyle Alchemy event even if you've seen tons of footage. Here are some great pictures from the event and behind the scenes shots. You'll even find selfies of some of our amazing attendees!
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